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How an office deep clean can help your business

The ‘office deep clean’ was thrust into the spotlight during the Coronavirus pandemic, as businesses prioritised the cleanliness and hygiene of their facilities. Many offices underwent deep cleaning ahead of the return of employees to work, after lockdown restrictions had been lifted.

However, it’s important that businesses still consider a regular office deep clean, as part of their ongoing commitment to employee health and wellbeing.

What does an office deep clean involve?

‘Thoroughness’ is the word we associate with deep cleaning. It’s not just about ‘keeping up appearances’, emptying bins, wiping down surfaces and cleaning windows! Deep cleaning involves cleaning every part of the office, including the areas that aren’t immediately visible or used regularly. Furniture may need to be moved to facilitate this and cleaners may need to can gain access to harder to reach areas, such as ceilings, galleries, and alcoves.

How an office deep clean can help your business

Sanitisers will be used to control bacteria on surfaces and specialist cleaning techniques and products will be applied to combat mould, pollen and dust, as well as ingrained grime. Dirt can build up on carpets, hard floors, and upholstery over time, which may be hard to remove with a standard vacuum. A deep clean will including cleaning these areas with specialist cleaning equipment. Rugs and carpets may be cleaned with extraction carpet cleaners and hard floors can be cleaned with equipment such as scrubber driers or buffers. Ceilings, light fittings, cupboards, shelves, blinds, doors and skirting boards and other items of office equipment will all be cleaned as part of a deep clean regime.

It is essential that deep cleaning extends to toilet and bathroom facilities too. These should be thoroughly sanitised in a deep clean to help eliminate bacteria, viruses, and mould from these areas, as well as to remove stains and unpleasant odours.

In an office canteen or kitchen, a deep clean would typically include cleaning all of the equipment, countertops, floors, walls and ceiling, and sanitising the whole kitchen including sinks and countertops. However, an essential part of the process would also be cleaning kitchen hoods, grease traps, fans, and vents, where dirt and grease is likely to accumulate – these areas may not be cleaned on a daily basis, which is why deep cleaning is so important.

Deep cleaning should be conducted regularly and not just on an ad hoc basis, and deep cleaning regimes should be tailored to each office environment and the needs of the employers and employees.

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What are the benefits of deep cleaning?

There are many benefits of office deep cleaning, including:

Dealing with harmful bacteria

Bacteria such as E. coli, Helicobacter pylori, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus aureus can all affect the health of office workers, if they are exposed to them.

According to a major study,, an office desk can harbour 400 times the amount of germs than an average toilet seat, which shows how important it is to conduct regular office cleaning.

However, bacteria can be found in other office environments. It can be present on printers, photocopiers, taps, sinks, door handles, telephones, cupboards, kettles, microwaves, water coolers and a host of other surfaces. Comprehensive deep cleaning, using sanitisers, can help to minimise the risks posed by harmful bacteria.

Eliminating mould

Deep cleaning can help to keep offices free of mould. As mould spores can cause allergic reactions and aggravate conditions such as asthma and eczema, it’s important that mould isn’t able to build up.


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Tackling dust

Dust can cause respiratory infections and allergic reactions, and clog up fans and vents, which can cause computers, servers, and other equipment to overheat. Dust can be removed from surfaces by frequent office cleaning but can build up in areas which are harder to reach or hidden by furniture – which is why deep cleaning is an important method for removing dust.

Improving the working environment

A clean and tidy office can create a more positive and uplifting environment for employees and improve staff morale. Staff may feel more comfortable in the office if they know that regular deep cleaning is taking place and will have more confidence in their employer. Visitors to the office will form a better perception of your business if the working environment is clean and tidy too.

Protecting staff and your business

Unsanitary conditions in an office and the presence of mould, pollen and large amounts of disturbed dust can affect employees’ health. By using office deep cleaning services, businesses can help to prevent illnesses among their staff and reduce sickness absence.

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Office deep cleaning services from NECS

NECS has vast experience of providing office deep cleaning services to businesses across the UK.

We tailor deep cleaning for our customers’ specific office environments and work with businesses to minimise any impact on their operations.

We also have expertise in selecting the right cleaning products and techniques for specific surfaces and materials, which ensures that cleaning is effective without causing damage to premises, and we use our own range of environmentally friendly cleaning products in many deep clean applications.

Want to know more about our office deep cleaning services? Considering a deep clean for your office but don’t know where to start? Contact us today.

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