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Why Your Business Should Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

In your efforts to keep your office space clean and protect your employees, could you be inadvertently harming them?

If you’re using traditional, chemical-laden cleaners, the answer could be “yes.” While eco-friendly cleaning products have been mainstays in household cleaning for years, there has been a lack of options on the commercial market — until now. The products and services that NECS provides are easy on the environment and safe for employees, all while being some of the highest quality solutions available. Why did we prioritize this step and what difference do eco-friendly products make? Join us as we explore a few reasons why it’s smart to invest in green cleaning

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products are Healthier

Our natural cleaning products not only help us to clean your office to a shine. They allow us to do so without emitting harmful chemicals into the environment. Many commercial cleaners rely on harsh and dangerous chemicals to get the job done, including volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. These are linked to a range of medical issues, including respiratory issues, allergic reactions, sensitive skin and headaches.

Why Your Business Should Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

The good news? You don’t have to sacrifice a deep clean to save your health. Eco-friendly products are equally strong, effective and powerful. The only difference? We won’t expose your employees to chemicals that could compromise their well-being. Over time, this could lessen the number of sick days that your employees have to take. In turn, this reduces costly downtime and helps ensure against missed deadlines. It also relieves the hassle of getting them up to speed when they’re well enough to return to the office.

There’s Less Waste

One of the top reasons to switch to eco-friendly cleaning products? These are designed to last much longer than the cheap commercial cleaners you find on the shelves of every big-box store. When you invest in our line of products, you’re making a commitment to not only ease your environmental burden but also alleviate the strain on your wallet. That’s because you don’t need to use as much of these products to make a major difference. Fueled by the incredible power of nature, they’re designed to work effectively with just one application. This allows you to save money and also cuts back on the amount of waste your office generates.

When you aren’t running out to the store every few weeks to replace your stash of cleaners, you’re able to conserve your resources, save your hard-earned capital and keep loads of plastic bottles from accumulating in your wastebaskets. This can help you reduce how frequently you need to call the waste disposal company, adding to your cost savings.


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They Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

It’s a simple equation: Fewer harsh chemicals equals more room to breathe. Instead of filling your offices, conference rooms and lobby with thick fumes, you can leave these spaces free and clear when you use products that feature natural ingredients over synthetic ones. Next, let’s talk about an added benefit that this switch generates: A better smell. In addition to being dangerous to inhale, these common chemicals also have an unmistakable stench!

There’s no denying that harsh ammonia or bleach can leave your nose wrinkled, your stomach churning, and your temples pounding. This is one of the many reasons many employees like fragrance-free products. Even those that claim to be scented are often full of perfumes and other faux scents that are overbearing and make it difficult to concentrate. Imagine replacing that odour with a gentle, natural smell that’s pleasant and understated. You can achieve this effect by switching to eco-friendly sprays and multi-surface cleaner that won’t turn your space into a giant potpourri bowl. Instead, you’ll achieve a clean-smelling office that’s pleasant for both your employees and guests.

They Protect Your Surfaces

Have you noticed that the wood in your conference room table is starting to turn strange colours? Stainless steel looks cloudy? Or, are the arms of your leather office chairs beginning to peel? This could be a result of the chemicals in the cleaning brand you’re currently using. Not only are these toxic chemicals not sustainable and potentially harmful to your health, but they can also strip materials of their protective coverings over time. This can change the texture of those items and even lower their lifespan.

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Chances are, you didn’t add a line in your budget to replace all of your office furniture after a few years! If you want to keep your surfaces clean and shiny without inflicting potential damage on them, eco-friendly products offer the gentle approach you need.

They’re More Efficient

Are you used to scrubbing your mirrors multiple times to get rid of streaks? Do your toilets still look grimy after you clean them? If so, the culprit might not be your approach. It’s likely that the commercial cleaners you’re using aren’t as effective as you’d hoped. That’s why it pays to partner with a cleaning team that not only knows the right way to clean but can do so with powerful, safe solutions that get the job done the first time. This cuts back on the time spent cleaning, saving you money and sanity along the way.

Notice the Difference That Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products Make

You have enough to worry about during the busy workday. Making sure your office is as clean as possible shouldn’t be one of them. You especially shouldn’t have to wonder if you’re exposing your employees to harmful chemicals and enlarging your carbon footprint along the way.

Are you looking for a safe, cost-effective way to get rid of grime? That’s where we come in. Our team of professional cleaners uses our very own line of eco-friendly cleaning products to provide a fresh, squeaky clean that exceeds your expectations every time. We’re proof that sustainability and success can go hand-in-hand! Contact us today to learn more about our services and let’s take this next step together.

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