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Why You Need To Clean Your Commercial Windows

If you run a business that regularly sees members of the public coming onto your premises, then it is essential that you keep the place clean and tidy. Not only will this help your workplace look a lot more professional and aesthetically pleasing, but it will also show your customers and the public that you are focused on cleanliness and good hygiene. This is essential for certain businesses, especially those that sell food, as well as organisations like schools, bars, restaurants and hospitals. One thing that many businesses forget about when it comes to cleaning their premises is their building’s windows. Commercial windows are often neglected, but it’s essential that yours never slip your mind. Otherwise, they can quickly get greasy and dirty, which can impact your window displays as well as the overall appearance of your business. In this blog post, we’ll cover why it’s important to keep your commercial windows clean and some tips that can help you do just that. Or you could look at using commercial window cleaning services from a company like NECS.

Helps Your Premise Look Professional

Dirty windows will bring down the overall appearance of your business. You certainly won’t look very professional if your office, hospital, or shop front looks dirty and grimy! You might be amazed at what a difference some well-cleaned windows will make when it comes to your company’s reputation.

Why You Need To Clean Your Commercial Windows

Creates A Good Impression

If a potential new customer were to turn up to your business’s premises and see some very dirty and streaky windows, then it won’t create a good impression at all. It wouldn’t be a surprise if they were to turn around and head straight to one of your competitors! Make sure your windows help to create a strong impression of your business or organisation by ensuring that they are always immaculate. Reliable window cleaning is a must for any business owner if you don’t have the time or staff to do this yourself.

Improved Hygiene

Dirty windows will also make the public think that you and your organisation don’t take hygiene all that seriously. And that will be bad news if you are in the food or health industries. Lots of customers are now looking for businesses that take health and hygiene exceptionally seriously, so keeping your windows in pristine condition will show that you take your premises’ cleanliness and hygiene just as seriously as they want you to by keeping high standards.

Tips For Cleaning Commercial Windows

So, now that you know it’s imperative to keep your commercial windows clean, you just need to learn the best ways to do so. Thankfully, it isn’t too tricky. You just need to make sure that you have the right kind of equipment as well as a few useful tips and tricks up your sleeve. Here are some great traditional window cleaning tips that can help you when it comes to cleaning your commercial windows.

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Hire Professionals Who Can offer High-Level Cleaning For Windows Safely

The majority of commercial windows are quite awkward shapes and dimensions. For instance, whether you work in an office or a school, there is a very good chance that you will have some high up windows that are hard for you and your staff to reach using just ladders. In some cases, it could even be dangerous for you to attempt to clean these windows yourself, especially on the exterior. So, it would be worth hiring professional window cleaners that specialise in commercial windows for these particular ones. They will have specialist equipment, like cherry pickers or water fed poles and tools that allow them to get to high windows safely. Professional commercial window cleaning will remove all the risk assessment, giving you peace of mind.

Invest In Good Equipment

If you do want to clean some of your windows yourself, then it will really pay to invest in top-quality cleaning equipment and tools. You should see these as a good investment as they will make it easier for you to do a better job when cleaning windows. They should also cut down the time that the cleaning takes as well.

Use Caution If Cleaning With Chemical Products In Public Places

One of the materials that you can use when cleaning windows is chemical cleaners. If you use cleaning solutions that contain chemicals, then you should find that they don’t streak the windows while cleaning. They are also exceptionally good at removing all kinds of grease and finger and handprints.

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However, you should exercise some caution when cleaning with chemicals in public places. Make sure that the solution has been completely removed from the window during the cleaning process. Not only that, though, but you should also be careful when using chemical-based products on windows in wooden frames as they could stain or damage the wood if it comes into contact with it. NECS use their own range of eco-friendly cleaning products that remove this health and safety risk entirely. We are one of the only companies who have developed an entire range of eco-friendly products which are perfect when cleaning in high footfall areas.

Don’t Wash In Direct Sunlight

One further tip that many businesses find useful is that you shouldn’t clean your windows whenever they are in direct sunlight. That’s because the sunlight can cause the windows to stay streaky while you wipe them down. This is usually because the bright light reacts with the cleaning product.

Remove Debris With A Scraper

If you ever find any stubborn debris on a window that you can’t remove with just a cloth and some cleaning product, you can always try to remove it with a scraper. Gently scraping the window with the blade should lift off any difficult debris and grime. You need to do this very carefully indeed, though, otherwise you might scratch the glass. However, when done with plenty of care, cleaning a commercial window with both cloths and scrapers can be very effective indeed.

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Don’t Use Scrapers On Tinted Glass

One warning that you should always listen to is never using a scraper on tinted glass. If you were to try to remove any debris from tinted windows with a scraper, then you risk completely removing the material that is used to tint the glass. No matter how stubborn the debris is on tinted glass, it’s always best to stick with a regular cloth.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to keep your commercial windows clean, no matter how high or awkwardly positioned they may be. Hopefully, this blog post helps you to keep your business’s windows in perfect condition from now on. If not then look into the best commercial cleaning companies in your area. NECS have offices across the UK with expert cleaning teams ready to help your business shine.


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