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Why facility management is so much more than just cleaning

The European Committee for Standardisation defines facility management as being an “integration of processes” with the aim of maintaining and developing services in an organisation to “improve the effectiveness” of its primary functions. Quite simply, it is needed to ensure staff have high-quality facilities and that the business is working efficiently in its support functions.

Health and safety

First and foremost, facilities management is the most effective strategy for increasing health and safety standards that are then maintained in the longer term. Those who are skilled in the area will ensure an organisation is fully compliant with all health and safety regulations to cover employees, visitors and the general public.

Health and safety staff will perform routine checks to ensure that all standards are currently being met. Where necessary, these staff members will be responsible for implementing changes to increase standards. Their duties will also require them to respond accordingly if an emergency ever occurs.

Why facility management is so much more than just cleaning

Cleaning duties

Regular cleaning work is needed for any office or premises. Depending on the workforce and activities performed there, some facilities will need more cleaning to be performed than others. For example, a large office will require daily cleaning, whereas a small office might only need one or two days a week. In terms of scope, a facilities management company can ensure all cleaning work is handled. Commonly, this would include the cleaning of floors, carpets, windows and work areas. Meanwhile, more specialised sanitation efforts are taken to keep bathrooms consistently hygienic.

Routine maintenance

No workplace can be fit for staff without receiving ongoing maintenance and, when needed, repair work. For instance, the facility management team has to keep a close eye throughout the premises to see when light bulbs need to be replaced, or when an entire unit has failed. Maintenance work will also entail the checking of appliances and equipment to verify that it is safe and functional.

Catering duties

For premises with on-site catering, it is essential to have consistent cleaning to guarantee that all food is prepared safely in hygienic conditions. Skilled cleaners have high-quality equipment and products that will give catering staff the cleanest possible environment to work within, thus maintaining the health of the workforce in the process.

Event Networking

Organisational efficiency

In a business, it is vital that the entire organisation works efficiently. Otherwise, there is a risk of quality standards diminishing and the business incurring greater costs than it should be paying. By tasking a facilities manager to oversee the above areas, their efforts can help to reduce costs by transitioning the organisation to become proactive rather than reactive. When things run smoothly, the costs are lower and efficiency improves.

The benefits of facilities management

To round up what has been discussed, it will help to have a recap of the wider benefits that can be obtained from facilities management. Overall, these can include:

  • Spend money more efficiently
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Maintain the effectiveness of equipment
  • Lengthen the lifespan of working capital
  • Complete repair work quicker with on-site personnel
  • Meet health and safety compliance for every inspection

NECS Cleaning helps UK businesses improve their operational efficiency. Contact us to discover how we can help your organisation.


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