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What Is Facility Management

NECS are a leading and trusted provider of facility management services to hundreds of companies across the UK, boasting managerial excellence and your vision in sight we ensure that our job is completed to the highest quality physically possible. Over the years, our facility management packages have been tailored and perfected. From around 2008, we started to work with more and more office and industrial clients along with the bar and restaurant sector we began with when we first started.

Working with new clients meant that we needed to adapt as a facility management company so we could meet the requirements of all our clients. We began providing washroom services to existing clients, and over the years have built up successful partnerships with a variety of suppliers (from window cleaners to feminine hygiene providers, to pest control suppliers and grounds maintenance).

The introduction of our facilities management services and improved management systems enabled us to gain our ISO accreditation in 2014, and we now assess all of our subcontractors annually to ensure they are continuously offering the same (if not improved!) high-quality standards, environmental consideration and health and safety that we do here at NECS.

What Is Facility Management

So What Do We Do?

The facilities management services provided at NECS are classified into two main areas: cleaning and maintenance. Although, as customer satisfaction is what we deem the most critical judge of our services and staff, we’re always willing to discuss your requirements when looking to settle upon the perfect tailored plan to resolve your current cleaning catastrophes. We want to relieve the burden of maintaining your workplace alone and let you focus on the task at hand.

Windows and Blinds

Our commercial cleaners will not only clean the glass inside and out, but we can also clean the frames, windowsills or external cladding if necessary. We mostly carry this out using our reach and wash system, but where required we will use ladders or scissor lifts and booms for more significant sites or restricted access. We’ll also give your blinds a wash when needed so that you can dazzle your clients with fresh and crisp white

Washroom and Feminine Hygiene

We ensure that you’re always stocked up on washroom consumables such as hand towels, soap, toilet rolls, air fresheners, electric hand dryers and feminine hygiene products.



Window Cleaning

Daily cleaning and Janitorial Services

Our contract cleaners carry out daily cleaning tasks such as vacuuming, dusting, desk cleaning (don’t worry, we clean around your documents, so nothing gets misplaced!), telephone cleaning, and emptying bins for you, so you come into a fresh and sanitary work environment each day. We also carry out janitorial tasks such as mopping, kitchen cleaning and bathroom cleaning.

Outdoor/ Car Park Cleaning

We’ll remove litter and debris from your outdoor space or car park, to ensure that you give the right impression to your customers when they arrive.

Handyman Services

We will carry out necessary repairs on your behalf, move furniture to rearrange your workspace, replace light bulbs and even assist with internal decoration if it is something you need.

Grounds Maintenance

We’ll ensure that your grounds are kept looking beautiful and are regularly maintained, such as cutting the grass, weeding and spraying the car park clear of muck and general grime.


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Pest Control

We offer various service packages with pre-programmed visits to manage your pests, covering anything from rats, mice and cockroaches to ants, flies or wasps. We provide pest registers and reports along with online access to account and location plans, including a set number of visits to your site per year depending on the size of the area. We’ll also respond to emergency call-outs if required!

PAT Testing

We are certified PAT (portable appliance testing) testers, meaning that we can check and approve your appliances as safe to use so that there are reduced safety hazards around the office.

Our Facility Management Services Will

Help maintain and manage buildings for our clients to ensure that everything is sanitary and in perfect working condition, to provide benefits for all the people who use them are as accommodating as possible and will work with you to settle on the ideal bespoke solution.

We like to ensure that we understand your specific needs to do our small part to support your business goals while achieving our crucial own business goal: our clients’ satisfaction.


Specialist Cleaning 3

Aim to streamline your outgoings and management time, while reducing inefficiency or the crossover which inevitably happens when you have multiple companies working for you, to provide cleaning and facilities management services by being the perfect company that gives it all.

If you currently feel like you’re spinning too many plates at once to keep your business clean, well maintained and impressive place to bring clients, get in touch as quickly as possible on 0800 328 8933 or email us at [email protected] if you don’t have time to chat right now.

We’ll work with you to provide the perfect direct solution and look forward to building up a long-term positive business relationship.

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Our Certifications

You can be confident you will receive a safe, dependable, and high-calibre cleaning service from NECS as we are ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, Constructionline Level 2 and BICSc certified.

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