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Keeping schools clean is more challenging than ever! A clean and safe education space is critical to ensure learning is the first priority and will help to reduce sickness, improve student behaviour and contribute to a safer space for both teachers and students.

Below are some of the ways partnering with a professional school cleaning services company can benefit.

Reduced absences

If schools aren’t cleaned on a daily basis, they may become a breeding ground for germs. These can easily spread from student to student, teacher to student and vice versa.  Hiring a professional education cleaning services company will ensure that all areas such as classrooms, toilets, dining halls and sports halls are kept clean, disinfected and sanitised all year round.

A better learning environment

Dirty environments can negatively impact the learning of students and in turn impact their performance and grades. Whilst a clean education space will improve the learning experience for the students and provide a happy working environment for the teachers and staff. A professional school cleaning services company will provide a cleaning service to meet, if not surpass, all standards to safeguard the health of those in your school environment.


A positive first impression

The first impression a school gives to a parent, Ofsted inspector or anyone visiting is crucial and although quality is a key factor, cleanliness is just as important. Appointing a professional commercial cleaning company can ensure the first impression of your school, is the right one from tidy classrooms and polished floors to gleaming dinner halls and windows.

Experienced cleaning operatives

An education cleaning services provider will have a team of qualified and professional cleaning operatives who are carefully selected, and DBS checked.  They will design a timetable to suit the needs of the school which will be in line with school opening hours and holidays to minimise the disruption to students, staff and teachers. The schedule can include daily cleans, as well as periodic deep cleans.

We have a wealth of experience in providing educational cleaning services to nurseries, schools, colleges and universities across the UK. Our cleaning services are tailored to meet the individual needs of each establishment. This includes daily contract cleaning, sports halls, canteens, holiday deep cleans, kitchen deep cleans and builder cleans. Get in touch with our team to discuss your requirements.

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