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The importance of maintaining good cleaning habits over the summer

When you think of summer, you probably think of going on holiday, flowers coming into bloom, the rare opportunity of seeing the sun in the UK, but what you may not consider is how the warm weather can affect the cleanliness and hygiene of your workplace.

We know that cleanliness is crucial to a company’s brand, and paramount when it comes to employee productivity and comfort so here are some things to consider as we approach summer.

The importance of maintaining good cleaning habits over the summer

Be aware of the 3 B’s!

With employees jetting off on their holidays and, as a result, the office footfall being reduced, now is the ideal time to do a thorough clean but it is also essential to keep on top of daily hygiene habits.

1. Bugs 

In the summer months our open windows leave workspaces open to irritating insects who find their way in – and can never seem to find their way out again. The open windows will also grant pollen access to the building, lying on surfaces and causing your employees experiencing hay fever to suffer all the more.

Not only will there be a surge in insects and pollen, but you can also expect an increased number of vermin around. These furry creatures find their way into the smallest spaces, searching for any dropped crumbs or spillages in your office space.

A daily clean of your building will keep these inconveniences to a minimum. Removing any temptation for vermin and ensuring an insect- and pollen-free environment for your employees to be able to get on with their day.


2. Bacteria

The warm, humid conditions of summer are an ideal breeding ground for bacteria to grow in your office space. Spillages and crumbs will always be a factor but by putting daily cleaning measures in place, like wiping down surfaces, vacuuming and creating designated areas for employees to consume their food, you can limit the risk of growing bacteria and unappealing odours.


3. Bins 

We’re all aware of the unpleasant smells that can emanate from our waste facilities and how this is heightened during the summer months. The combination of employees and visitors coming in and out of the office and the warm weather forms a greater chance of our bins creating foul-smelling workplaces.

Emptying bins more regularly, even on a daily basis or, depending on the size of your workforce, multiple times a day is paramount in ensuring your employees and any visitors you may have remain comfortable and your office inviting.


Keep on top of regular and specialist cleaning

Another revelation that comes with the summer months is the dirt that appears as if from nowhere!

“Did the windows always look that grimy?”

With the sun beaming through the windows of your office building, you will begin to see marks you hadn’t noticed in the dark winter months, including dirt that’s built up from the rain and storms experienced earlier in the year. Our specialised cleaning services can sort any out-of-reach windows.

“Where did those mud stains come from?”

As the weather improves, employees may take the opportunity to stretch their legs and enjoy the outdoors. With this comes grass, mud and debris that has been dragged in on peoples’ shoes. Regular vacuuming, sweeping and mopping will manage the mess, keeping your office appealing to staff and visitors.

Specialist Cleaning (2)

Your summer checklist

  • Watch out for the 3 B’s: Bugs, Bacteria and Bins.
  • Make the most out of the opportunity to do a deep clean.
  • Keep on top of daily cleaning.
  • Consider hiring a professional cleaner to tackle the unsightly aspects of summer.

How NECS can help

NECS has vast experience of providing office deep cleaning and more regular services to businesses across the UK.

We tailor cleaning for our customers’ specific office environments and work with businesses to minimise any impact on their operations.

We also have expertise in selecting the right cleaning products and techniques for specific surfaces and materials, which ensures that cleaning is effective without causing damage to premises, and we use our own range of environmentally friendly cleaning products in many deep clean applications.

Want to know more about our cleaning services? Considering a deep clean for your office but don’t know where to start? Contact us today.

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