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The Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce

As you know, we’ve recently added a few new team members, and are constantly striving to expand outwards and upwards to grow the business and our NECS family, which was our main motivation when we were weighing up forming this working partnership with them.

The Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce is a membership organisation whose main goal is to support local businesses and to help ensure business success on a local, national or even global level. Having historic memberships with the North East Chamber of Commerce, Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, West and North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce and Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce, there were no doubts in our mind that this was the best next step for us to take for our Edinburgh office.

What Does This Mean For Us As A Company?

Being a proud member of the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce means that there’s a multitude of new opportunities which will be opened up to us with the added level of support. An additional level of exposure and awareness is generously provided which can only benefit the company (and the messy facilities in the local area!) as there are more clients who are interested in our impeccable cleaning service and friendly employees… and we are able to provide our renowned service to a broader variety of people in need.

The Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce

Our goals are really supported by the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce as their ultimate goal is to support local businesses, push them towards further success, and do a little bit of hand-holding where (or rather, if) necessary!

When looking to branch out internationally, they are keen to provide expert advice on these markets and cultures so we’re firm in the knowledge that there is a need for our cleaning services, where they’re needed and how we can reach out to these people. Purely being a national service at the moment, without their willingness to share information we may find the task of providing our Edinburgh cleaning services to those in need as it would be rather more difficult to understand who needs us, where they need us and what exactly they need, on a more international scale.

Sharing The Knowledge

We’re incredibly grateful for the opportunity we’ve been given with our membership to the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce and for their inclusive and generous business ethos to support local companies. We’re excited to see what’s coming next for NECS with this new business relationship… just watch this space!

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