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The Benefits of Daily Commercial Cleaning

In recent years, daily commercial cleaning has become even more vital in helping to maintain the wellbeing of staff in the workplace. An awareness of this has increased by both employers and employees and highlights the importance of appointing a high quality and professional cleaning services partner to provide a clean and safe environment.


How high quality cleaning can deliver a clean and safe work environment: 


A Safe Workplace

A cluttered and hazardous workplace environment can cause slips, trips and falls. According to research from HSE, over 1.8 million workers in the UK suffered from a work-related illness in 2021/22. In addition, 30% of people questioned in the survey reported slips, trips, and falls due to unclean surfaces being the most common incident in the workplace.  It can also increase stress and anxiety levels amongst employees and lead to a lack of focus. To avoid incidents its essential to create a clean and safe environment that adheres to high standards.


Health and Wellbeing

Poor cleanliness can lead to a build up of dirt, bacteria and dust particles. This can make an unpleasant and unhealthy workplace environment and increase the risk of illness and health issues amongst employees. Hiring a professional commercial cleaning company to clean the premises will keep germs and bacteria at bay and create a safe and clean space for employees and visitors.

The Benefits of Daily Commercial Cleaning

Professional Environment

Having a daily cleaning schedule in place to clean areas such as entrances, toilets and communal spaces will promote a professional environment for employees and visitors.


Cost Savings

Trying to do cleaning in house can be time consuming and costly. By appointing a professional high quality cleaning services provider businesses can maintain high levels of cleanliness in the workplace and focus on business operations rather than cleaning tasks.


Improved air quality

A regularly cleaned workplace helps keep the air fresh and in turn reduces the levels of mould, dust and allergens that can spread through the air. A professional commercial cleaning services provider will also tend to use harmless, environmentally friendly products where possible, and in turn helping to minimise your carbon footprint.


High Quality Cleaning

At NECS, we have an extensive portfolio of working with clients in office, healthcare, education, construction, retail, and leisure. Taking into consideration your equipment, processes and cleaning requirements, we will design a bespoke cleaning schedule to meet your business’s needs. In addition, we offer flexible working hours, which means we can supply your company or business premises with cleaning services at a time that works for you.


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