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Retail Commercial Cleaning Checklist

5 Retail Commercial Cleaning Checklists to Keep Your Store Tidy Before the Holidays

As the holiday season fast approaches, a retail store manager needs a plan for cleaning, you will know how important a neat & clean store is before the Christmas celebrations. Now, retail cleaning is undoubtedly a momentous task and much more complicated than residential cleaning. However, if you can proceed in an organised way, you can make the process more convenient and easier to handle. The first thing you will need here is a cleaning checklist. It will provide you with a list of things to do while cleaning the store.

Here are some top tips below that offer a great starting point to keep your story neat & tidy for the upcoming festive period.

Tidy all clutter

First, you will start with removing all the clutter from your office. Look for things that you have to throw out. Make a list of things that are no longer needed. If they are in a position to be recycled, then add them to your recycle list. If there are things that can be reused with some extra care, you may hand them over to others. So, make a separate file for them.


Retail Commercial Cleaning Checklist

Clean entrance & exit

A dirty entrance is one of the biggest turnoffs for any customer and likewise is a messy exit. So, invest some time to clean both the entry and exit before the holidays start. After a thorough vacuum and mopping, make this a daily task to have your cleaner mop the entrance and exit. A dirty entrance & exit is not only unsightly but also unhealthy.

Wipe doors and windows

If you can’t see your reflection on your store’s glass window, it’s a bad sign. Thus, you have to be extremely particular about keeping your windows and doors clean. You will need to clean them with warm soapy water. If you haven’t washed them for a long while, you may have to use a scrubber to remove the stubborn stains.

Empty rubbish bins

Emptying the rubbish in a retail store is one of the most easily overlooked tasks. We keep our workspace clean by dumping all kinds of waste in the rubbish bin. However, we forget to clean the rubbish bin itself sometimes. If you don’t empty your rubbish bins and give the inside a good spray and clean, they will get flooded with waste and will only litter the floor around. Plus, don’t forget the foul odour of long-forgotten waste in your rubbish bin. It’s horrible. Thus, it would help if you always were particular about cleaning all the rubbish bins in your store regularly.

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Clean Toilets & Canteen

Your store doesn’t only have a display area and cash counter. It may also have toilets and a canteen area in the back. So, don’t forget these two places while cleaning up your office for the holidays. You may start with the central premise, like the display area initially. However, after you are done clearing the front of the premises, make sure to clean up the toilets & canteen as well. To make things easier, hire a commercial retail store cleaning company to get your outlet cleaned by professionals. Ensure that you appoint a reputed and insured company to carry out the services.

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