Choosing The Right Cleaning Company

March 20, 2020 - Posted by Mark

When choosing a professional cleaning company, it is essential to select one that will work fluidly with your business. There are so many cleaning firms in the UK that offer what seem to be the same services, so as a business, how do you know which one meets your needs? Here at NECS, we have put together some tips on making sure you acquire the perfect cleaning company. Here are some guidelines when deciding on a cleaning company to achieve exceptional cleaning results, while also keeping business costs in check.

Choose An Established and Experienced Company

Working with an established cleaning company is always the best way to ensure your business gets a quality service, and keep your business premises looking the best for staff and customers. Always look for cleaning companies that have been in business for several years and have an excellent track record. Check if they are qualified to provide cleaning for the type of buildings you’re responsible for, check things like ISO accreditation and other specialist cleaning standards like IPAF and PASMA.

Cleaning Equipment And Specialist Skills

Not all cleaning jobs are straight forward, and some require very specialist approach. Professional cleaners should always use professional equipment and qualified, trained staff that are fit for the job. Its always useful to do research beforehand, especially when you are hiring a company for a specialist or high-level cleaning service

This will allow you to understand what type of equipment should be used and what sort of safety should be in place before making a decision. By ensuring that the company have the correct accreditations and equipment, you can expect that the cleaning team will deliver a high-value safe service.

Cleaning Products

Being more eco friendly is something all businesses are keen to focus on. Making sure that the cleaning company uses the right cleaning products for every area and what impact those products have on the area cleaned is very important. Using the correct cleaning products will prevent cross-contamination for different germs, and also prevent them from causing damage to office fixtures. 

It is best to choose a cleaning company that uses environmentally friendly cleaning products. NECS are very proud of our eco cleaning services and we have developed our own range of green products. 

Companies that use green products are taking an eco-conscious approach, caring for buildings, and the broader environment by using safe products and practices. Green cleaning reduces negative impacts on the environment and human exposure to harmful cleaning residues. NECS is very focused on being a leading eco cleaning company.

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Health And Safety

Let’s face it, trust is everything and we want to be able to trust the cleaning services we hire, as well as their fantastic cleaners. Making sure that everyone is safe is not only essential to your business but to the cleaning company itself. To that, a clear set of transparent terms and conditions is always helpful. This will result in a long, happy relationship with the company. 

Communication is vital in case there are any issues or miscommunications. Excellent communication with the company managers and their cleaners allows both parties to work well together. The company should have a policy for its entire staff on health and safety measures. 

Most importantly, cleaning staff should be fully trained on any equipment used and able to carry out their work while being safe and professional. All staff should be adequately trained about the health and safety procedures they must follow, as well as any health and safety policies your business has.

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At NECS cleaning, we are committed to providing quality cleaning services right across the cleaning industry that are guaranteed to meet your business requirements.