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NECS Offer The Best Nursery Cleaning Service

NECS cleaning has held a contract for nursery cleaning at Hednesford Nursery school, a Staffordshire local authority maintained Nursery, for over 3 years. We were pleased to receive this excellent testimonial from Tasmin Rees-James – Federation Business Manager.

“I have been in post here since April 2019 and, during that time, I have found the level of service provided to be very good indeed. Our regular cleaning staff member is most pleasant, reliable and punctual and her standards of cleaning are excellent. On the rare occasions that she has not been able to work through illness, NECS has provided an immediate cover of a very high standard. They ensure that all necessary equipment and materials are on-site in good working order. During the current COVID-19 pandemic, extra deep-cleaning has been carried out, and additional touchpoint cleaning is being carried out daily.”

As experts in school cleaning services, we give some of our top nursery cleaning tips to parents who may be worried about keeping things perfect for their child. There are plenty of tasks and requirements parents need to do throughout a child’s nursery, and it doesn’t matter if you are a new parent or have been in the game for a while: cleaning is still a necessary part of being a parent. You’ll find that if you don’t do a good job when it comes to your nursery, you’ll have more work to do when your baby comes along. Read on for some tips and strategies for thorough nursery cleaning:


NECS Offer The Best Nursery Cleaning Service

Keep Your Floors sanitised.
Babies and toddlers spend most of the day in the nursery, so thorough and regular young children’s nursery cleaning service is necessary. If your nursery is carpeted, vacuuming the floors every day with a vacuum designed for young children will remove bacteria and allergens that can make your child sick. Regular vacuuming also helps prevent dust mites from developing on your floors and furniture. When your young children’s nursery is uncluttered and dust-free, their chances of coming into contact with harmful bacteria and allergens are reduced.

Keep Your Furniture Clean.
Most toddlers spend a lot of time in day nursery playing, chewing and sucking on their bottles and teething rings, so it’s important for cleaning hygiene to keep their rooms clean and free of dirt and bacteria. Make a weekly ritual out of vacuuming the furniture in your nursery, and use mild soaps and cleaners when cleaning out the teething ring trays daily.

Use Eco-friendly Cleaning Solutions.
A nursery shouldn’t be considered a playroom! Rather, it should be a place where you can keep your little ones safe and sound, and where you can teach them to be responsible. The best way to do this is to limit the exposure of your toddlers to harmful chemicals and to encourage environmentally friendly cleaning for all of the rooms. There are many great eco-friendly cleaning products for use in the nursery, such as green cleaning soap and organic baby wipes. By limiting chemical exposure in your day nursery, you’re giving your children a healthier and safer environment to grow in.


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NECS cleaners offer green cleaning solutions for use in the day nursery. These products utilize non-toxic and natural ingredients, so you’ll know that your child is breathing in nothing but natural air. Many green cleaning solutions also use organic cleaners that are made with all-natural ingredients. If you find a company that provides green cleaning products and sprays that use natural ingredients, then you’re ensuring that your newborns and toddlers will have a healthier environment to grow in.

Disinfecting Baby Rooms In The Day Nursery.

High-quality nursery cleaning products can also offer you a great selection of disinfectants for use in your baby’s rooms. You can choose from many mild disinfectants that are safe for your baby’s delicate skin and lungs. Once you have these products in use in your baby’s rooms, it will protect them against germs and bacteria that are found in most nursery rooms. By disinfecting your baby rooms, you protect your baby’s health and prevent the spread of germs and illness.


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