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How We Kept ‘dead Air’ At Bay Cleaning Amazing Radio Studios

It’s not our style to speak ill of the competition, but when Amazing Radio first contacted us, they were unhappy with the services they’d received from some other local commercial cleaners. They’d tried a few with limited success, and they really needed a long-term cleaning partner they could rely on.

Following one of our marketing mail-outs, they decided to give us a try. A test to see if we would make good on our promises to deliver consistently high standards and great value for money.

Cleaning a radio station isn’t like cleaning any other business premises. The first rule of radio is no ‘dead air’. That’s what they call silence over the airwaves – usually as a result of something getting in the way or going wrong.

So our task was to get the premises spotlessly clean with no disruption to the broadcast routine whatsoever. Easier said than done!

But with a thorough study of the broadcasting schedule and some careful forward-planning, we devised a system to clean all the studios by rotation, going into each one when it wasn’t broadcasting.

How We Kept ‘dead Air’ At Bay Cleaning Amazing Radio Studios

The team at Amazing Radio quickly recognised that we’re as good as our word, and we are now the permanent commercial cleaning presence in their building. After only the second visit we received this short message:

Jim and Natalie were great the other day. They’ve made it a nicer place to work already!

~ Kevin Read, Head of Production, Amazing Radio

In addition to the studios, we’re also responsible for the office cleaning across 3 stories, the kitchen, reception and toilets. All areas are in daily use, so our operatives now visit twice a week to keep the premises at the highest standard of cleanliness.

If you’re struggling to find a consistent, great-value commercial cleaner, or have unusual cleaning requirements, we’d love to hear from you.

Get in touch with our friendly team today for a no-obligation chat.

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