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How Office Cleaning Can Improve Your Business

Smart business leaders understand that creating a successful enterprise is a holistic endeavour. Not only do you need to provide your customers with fabulous products, but you also need to focus on the behind-the-scenes activities that make your business thrive.

Part of that holistic approach involves keeping your workplace hygienic. The vast majority of successful companies use regular office cleaning services to stay on top of the mess that accumulates during the day. In fact, offices account for 31 per cent of all commercial cleaning contracts. But why? How do office cleaning services improve your business?

It Improves Working Conditions and Reduces Staff Turnover

Every year, UK companies average an astonishing 15 per cent staff turnover. Replacing lost employees, however, is expensive. Estimates from Croner suggest that the cost per employee lost is a staggering £11,000 due to lost productivity, recruitment agency fees, and lost skills.

Commercial office cleaning services, however, help to counteract this process. Regular office cleaning improves morale and makes workers think twice before looking for opportunities outside the firm. Workers prefer to operate in spaces that are fresh, hygienic and free from clutter.

How Office Cleaning Can Improve Your Business

Furthermore, when companies outsource their cleaning needs to third parties, they take a burden off their employees. Workers no longer need to worry about rote tasks, such as cleaning their desks. They know that professionals will come in and sort out any mess while they’re at home.

It Boosts Your Brand

Cleaning services also help to boost your employer brand. Employees are always looking for better places to work and thrive. They want environments that are clean and hygienic and love it when their workplaces provide clean desks and fresh bathrooms. It helps to make the working day more pleasant.

Cleaning, therefore, can have a considerable knock-on effect on your employer brand. Current and former employees are more likely to leave positive reviews on sites like Glassdoor, if you get the basics right, such as keeping the kitchen tidy and bins free from clutter.

It Reduces Stress

Office cleaning is great for another reason – it reduces stress. Ideally, you want your workers to get into a state of flow every time they come to the office. They should be able to focus exclusively on the task at hand and get into a rhythm that allows them to do their best work. When they are relaxed, they can block out the outside world and focus on the task at hand. And when they do that, you benefit.

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Research, however, shows that cluttered environments reduce productivity and increase stress. Investigators believe this happens because mess distracts the unconscious mind, produces anxiety, and takes up cognitive resources. People do their best work when they feel relaxed and free, not oppressed by mountains of paper on their desks or piles of washing up in the kitchen sink.

Clutter may even adversely affect mental health and trigger procrastination according to research. This data reveals just how important it is to get on top of office cleaning before it harms your bottom line.

It May Help To Reduce Employee Absences

Employee absence is another significant cost that businesses must absorb. Sometimes, people fall sick or get injured, and there’s nothing you do about it. But other times, though, it could be within your control. Unhygienic offices could be a factor leading to an increase in the number of sick days. Offices can potentially harm employees in all kinds of ways. Unclean bathrooms and kitchens can lead to the spread of harmful bacteria, such as salmonella and E.coli. And keyboards, door handles, and other surfaces can harbour microorganisms that could adversely affect employee health.

Professional cleaning companies, however, work with you to reduce the risks that your employees face. By targeting high-risk areas, such as keyboards, toilets and kitchen utensils, investing in cleaning protects your people and improves business continuity.

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Deep cleaning has become even more critical in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis. Companies need firms who can sanitise communal surfaces and help keep employees safe. Office cleaning in the UK will need to improve substantially before workers feel safe returning. Professional cleaning services, therefore, will form a fundamental pillar of encouraging employees to return to work.

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