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How would you summarise 2022? 

As a business we have seen continued growth, with an increase of 15% in 2022 and 30% over the past 3 years. Our team has been instrumental in supporting and driving this growth when, like many businesses, we faced unprecedented challenges due to Covid. However, we took the decision to retain our workforce and with the recruitment issues businesses are facing, this decision proved to be critical in ensuring we had the right team in place to continue to deliver a high-quality service to our current and new customers.

What’s been your biggest business highlight over the past 12 months? 

There have been many highlights but winning the Morgan Sindall Infrastructure contract towards the end of 2022 was definitely a standout moment. The company had been appointed Primary Contractor on Northumberland County Council’s new stations framework to build six new stations on the Northumberland Line. We went through an extensive tender process which was focused on local suppliers, community engagement and employing local labour in Northumberland. The contract we have been awarded is to provide daily cleaning services to the six sites across Northumberland.


What was the biggest lesson you learnt over the past 12 months?

Never underestimate the cost of growth!  It has been an exciting but challenging time for NECS and due to the type of industry we work in cash flow forecasting was vital to ensure we had the finances in place to support our rapid growth.


What industry changes or demands did you witness in 2022?

Like many industries, recruitment has and continues to be a challenge – I feel there are a number of factors which influenced this such as Brexit, Covid and people changing careers. We are continually working hard to address this through conducting recruitment drives in the local areas we serve and being a Recognised Service Provider by the Living Wage Foundation.

In terms of demands, there has been more of a focus on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) from clients including blue chip companies and SMEs. We see this as a positive shift as it’s something we have always embraced and we take pride in supporting our local community. This includes sponsoring Cramlington Rockets RLFC Under 12s rugby team and Newcastle Falcons player, Matias Orlando.

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What industry changes or advancements do you anticipate for 2023?

I think the changes and demands we witnessed in 2022 such as customers focusing on CSR and recruitment challenges will continue in 2023. It is important for businesses to have a clear link between their CSR and vision and values. This enables its suppliers to have a clear understanding of why it is important to the business and gets them engaged.

I also think staff shortages across industries will lead to more services becoming outsourced including cleaning. This is positive for NECS as we act as an outsourced partner across the entire cleaning spectrum, alleviating both the burden of maintaining cleaning schedules and facilities, as well  as recruiting in a difficult labour market.


Looking ahead, what do you anticipate 2023 holds for NECS? 

We are looking to make business improvements through our app and web applications to continue to improve our offering to customers and workforce. I also think it will be an interesting year as we continue on our growth journey with significant growth through expansion, strengthening our team and developing territories.


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