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Food Hygiene Cleaning and Your Business

In food preparation environments, where germs are so easily transmitted, and the risk of cross-contamination and illness is pretty high, good cleaning in food premises and food hygiene rules in the kitchen or factory is and always should be of the utmost importance.

As a food-oriented business, an outbreak of food poisoning or an inadequate assessment by local food hygiene inspectors can do a tremendous amount of damage to any establishment. If customers become ill, not only is this particularly unpleasant for them, it has such a broad impact on the business. In the modern technological world, every customer is a critic, posting photos and leaving immediate reviews of their experience from their phones. Reputations take a considerable amount of time to build, yet are so quickly damaged following such incidents and potentially lead to a massive loss of business. Your company can also be hit with fines or compensation to those customers affected. So effective food production cleaning services are really worth a closer look.

Regular and thorough cleaning of any business handling food should, therefore, always be a priority and NECS have years of experience in this area. Around 35% of illness cases in food production and service environments link to poor sanitation, and 16% of these are due to contaminated kitchen equipment or a poorly maintained area.

Food Hygiene Cleaning and Your Business

The World Health Organization reports that foodborne illness is a growing health problem worldwide, this is more so for young children and the elderly. It estimates that there are over 200 diseases spread via food.

A quality cleaning schedule, personal hygiene basics such as wash your hands as well as training of staff play a vital role in helping to prevent the spread of germs. It is critical that staff are diligent with cleaning and disinfection when working with food and effective hand hygiene regimens are in place on a daily basis. But the real deep cleaning should be left to the professionals who will take extra measures so your workspace and food contact areas are spotless to prevent and reduce further the spread of germs.

NECS Prevent And Protect With Every Clean

Food safe cleaning products like surface sanitising sprays and wipes are now widely available and act as an additional layer of protection against germs across your important surfaces, from worktops and sinks to food storage containers and utensils. These products can be used quickly and combined with thorough hand hygiene and a professional cleaning routine help to play a part in ensuring that food contact areas are safe for use.

Choose A Cleaning Company That Provides Real Solutions

When looking to work with a cleaning company its important to know what food hygiene cleaning products and solutions they use, ensure that you make an informed decision and that they are appropriate for your business and provide a high level of food safety.

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Within food contact areas, it is very important that any products used do not taint the food’s smell or taste. Also crucial for any business is knowing that the cleaning solutions are tested and effective to kill bacteria, mould and fungus and proven to be effective against the biggest dangers within the food environment such as Salmonella, Campylobacter, Listeria & Yeast, giving you the confidence that your food surfaces will be protected against these virulent germs without risking your staff or customers.

Environmental Cleaning Products

Product performance isn’t the only important factor to consider when looking at a cleaning service for your business. Environmental issues are very high on everyone’s list at the moment and sustainability is also very important; therefore finding a cleaning company that combines exceptional service in the food manufacturing industry with its own range of eco-friendly cleaning products means a reduced impact on the environment for your business and ours. Food businesses should always look at a sustainable approach and take into consideration how the products used will impact your workspace, staff and customers. Food contact areas shouldn’t be germ transmission points but that doesn’t mean you have to use harsh chemicals constantly. Simple yet effective eco products as a part of a complete food cleaning management system from NECS mean that owners can be assured that their establishment is in safe hands and confident that we have taken all appropriate measure to eliminate germs.

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