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Decade In: Why We’re A Proud Member of The NECC

What Do The NECC Do?

The North East Chamber of Commerce works with a local business with the main goal to build them up and make them stronger – by enabling businesses to achieve success together, rather than go head to head. Having been a member of the NECC for the last 10 years, we really believe that we would have been unable to achieve what we have accomplished individually – strong working relationships with other businesses have helped us get where we are today, and that is largely down to being a member of the North East England and other area chambers of commerce.

What Are The Main Benefits to our Membership?

Profile Building

We love taking part in all NECC’s events first and foremost because we never fail to have an amazing time – they’re always so enjoyable and hosts are always so warm, welcoming and encouraging. However, the events are brilliant for us in terms of profile building – we can get our name out there so much more efficiently and effectively. With the ongoing support, we have received from the North East Chamber of Commerce they have really helped us build our profile with a number of press and PR Opportunities.

Decade In: Why We’re A Proud Member of The NECC

Network Opportunities

We love the chance to do a bit of networking at NECS, and only wish we could do it more often! The North East Chamber of Commerce provides a strong networking infrastructure, bringing people and businesses together with their number of events and online members group. The thought process is that businesses are stronger together and that companies sharing knowledge really help achieve a level of success that you would have been unlikely to achieve alone. Over the past 10 years, we have been lucky enough to get to know many wonderful individuals. One of the biggest benefits in our eyes is these strong working relationships, and friendships, that have been formed.

Marketing and Purchasing Opportunities

We find that there are more opportunities for us to offer our services, and also make purchases from like-minded businesses, due to having these relationships. Since getting to know other members of the Chamber, we find ourselves being interested in their products and services more and more, the more we find out about the companies and what they can offer.

This also allows us enhanced opportunities to encourage members of the chamber to use our cleaning service – a large number of our longstanding and loved clients we actually met through the Chamber, who trust us to keep their facilities clean and sanitary!

Event Networking

Why We Love Being A Part of NECC

The main reason that we love being a NECC family member is due to the outstanding level of ongoing support that we receive, and the opportunities that it opens up for us in terms of developing our knowledge, forming business plans with a wider reach in mind and general world-cleaning-domination! 10 years down the line and we’re still hugely impressed with the backing we receive and the platforms it offers to us. Here’s to another 10!


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You can be confident you will receive a safe, dependable, and high-calibre cleaning service from NECS as we are ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, Constructionline Level 2 and BICSc certified.

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