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Cleaning solutions to suit your workplace

Whatever your workplace cleaning needs are, one thing you really don’t want to spend time doing is cleaning! NECS can help you no matter what your commercial cleaning requirements. We ensure that our cleaning teams and environmentally-friendly products will be exactly what the job requires to be done quickly, efficiently and within budget. All we need is to be told what you need cleaning, and we will be along to clean it. Simple!

A top to toe clean

Regular cleans keep everything sparkling down at ground level, but sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and get everything up at ceiling height cleaned as well. In factories and warehouses, there can be considerable amounts of dirt on overhead trunking and other vital parts of the building and you can’t expect your regular cleaning team to deal with that.

Whether we do your other cleaning or not, NECS can come in with all the specialist cleaning equipment the job needs – from scissor lifts to cherry pickers or static towers – and you will soon have nothing to worry about from the ceiling to the floor. All of our operatives are health and safety trained in both the use of cleaning products and any equipment necessary.

Cleaning solutions to suit your workplace

Deep cleaning fragile interiors

We don’t get asked to do antique interiors every day of the week, but when we do, we love the challenge and our managers and team members put their heads together to work out how best to proceed. Old furnishing, especially fabrics, needs very careful cleaning and so we power down our vacuums and use brushes and cloths to make sure everything gets super careful cleaning. Older buildings often have years of dust accumulated in every nook and cranny but that is no problem – if you have a property that can’t take the rough and tumble of a standard clean, we will be pleased to take it on and all we will leave behind is the gleam of polished wood and the smell of dust-free air!

Office refurbishments can leave chaos

If you have recently had an office refurbishment, you will know that it isn’t just the desks and filing cabinets that get moved about – so does all the dust, grime and ancient cobwebs. With time usually of the essence before you have to be up and going again, you can rely on us to be in and out in a very short time, taking all the dirt with us! You won’t need to worry about sneezing staff – our cleaning products are as chemical-free as we can make them and our vacuums are all Hepa filtered.

Would you like to find out more about NECS’ cleaning solutions for your workplace? Please call us today on 0800 328 8933.

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You can be confident you will receive a safe, dependable, and high-calibre cleaning service from NECS as we are ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, Constructionline Level 2 and BICSc certified.

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