Window Cleaning: How Often To Get Them Cleaned

September 11, 2017 - Posted by Chris

Window Cleaning

We have been providing professional cleaning services for more than 10 years to clients across the UK in locations such as Newcastle, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham and Scotland, and in a variety of different industries. Having been up-and-running for so long, we’re aware that no one solution suits all businesses or locations. So, when a client asks us the simple question of how often they need their windows cleaning until we get a feel for your business and venue, the answer can sometimes be ‘it depends’!

Your building, whether it is an office, retail premises or other, is what greets potential clients and customers and is what establishes the first impression for your company. The cleanliness of your windows is often overlooked or considered an afterthought, but it’s important to keep your windows clean! However, some windows can gather dirt and grime easier than others, and require the attention of a profession cleaner more often, simply due to some very simple factors:

Contributing factors:

Location: Location is possibly one of the most relevant factors to consider when it comes to determining how often your windows need cleaning. If your office or other commercial premises is close to a busy motorway or is out in the open, you will find that they will get dirty much faster than those in quiet suburban areas where traffic isn’t as heavy.

Time/Weather: Along with the location of your premises, the general weather and time of year can affect how often you need your windows cleaning. For example, if it’s a wet and rainy day in the Winter or if strong winds are kicking up leaves and debris in Autumn time you may require the services of a professional commercial cleaning company more frequently.

Who you are: Another factor that plays a big role when it comes to establishing how often you need to have your windows washed is the type of business that you are. For example, a healthcare facility must present a spotless and maintained environment to give patients the confidence that they will be cared for in a sanitary and organised environment.

There are several different reasons to why you should leave your window cleaning to the pros. Contact NECS to talk to the professionals, and determine how often your windows should be cleaned. We’re more than experienced in creating positive first impressions for companies and industries across the UK.