Top Tips for Organising Your Home Cleaning Schedule

January 5, 2016 - Posted by Chris

Balancing the demands of work, children and housework can often be a challenge. Not many people relish the idea of home cleaning, especially when the list of tasks appears endless and time is perpetually short. By setting up a home cleaning schedule you can make the task feel less overwhelming and maximise the free time you have available to do things you enjoy.

1) Spread out your tasks

Traditionally many working families leave their house cleaning tasks to the weekend. While this is an easy habit to slip into when you’re busy, it risks turning every weekend into a relentless round of chores and consigns the home to look like a tip during the week. Instead of doing everything on a Saturday or Sunday, package out the tasks throughout the week. For instance, you could hoover the stairs and downstairs rooms on Monday, clean the bathrooms on Tuesday, do your ironing on Wednesdays. Spreading your tasks over the week means you spend less time per day on housecleaning and the chores seem less onerous.

Spread out your tasks

2) Delegate!

The more people who were involved in home cleaning, the more of a team effort it will be in the less time it will take. If you have a partner and family, sit down and allocate tasks so that each member of the household plays their part fairly. While age and work schedule should be taken into account, the principle should be that everyone contributes to the best of their ability. This includes teenaged children! Where possible, each family member should have a balance of jobs they don’t mind and jobs they dislike, so that one person isn’t stuck with all the horrible jobs.


3) Get all the help you can

Don’t feel you need to rely exclusively on elbow grease to keep your home clean and tidy. There are some excellent cleaning products available on the market now that can significantly reduce the time required to clean tricky areas like bathrooms and kitchens. Take advantage of these. Also, keep an eye open for other time-saving devices as they come on the market. An example of 2016 is automated robotic vacuum cleaners. While the first generations of any new technology are bound to be expensive, they rapidly drop in price, and retailers such as Amazon and Argos usually have flash discount sales just prior to a new version being released. Keep an open mind and lookout for a good deal.

4) Distract yourself

Housework doesn’t have to be viewed as a penance. Try changing the way you look at home cleaning to make it an enjoyable activity. See it as an opportunity to enjoy listening to a podcast or audiobook, or maybe one of your favourite albums. This goes a long way to avoid the frustrating feeling that housework is somehow ‘dead time’.

Home cleaning is a fact of life but doesn’t have to be an exercise in drudgery. Planning your chores and organising your schedule in advance can take the pain out of housework and free up time for more enjoyable activities.