Spruce up for Spring

February 2, 2015 - Posted by Chris

When spring is in the air, everyone seems to want to start cleaning. It may be something that is deep in the human condition, perhaps ever since the best way to spend the winter was to curl up at the back of the cave and wait for the sun to come back. Getting rid of all the frosty bedding must have been a wonderful feeling and this is perhaps what affects us still. It may of course simply be that the first rays of spring sunshine show up the cobwebs – whatever the reason, spring cleaning is on the horizon and it might not be pretty!

Acres of dusty floors?

If your premises have a whole winter’s worth of dust and grime to tackle, it can be a bit overwhelming. The problem with a dusty environment is that it is hard to decide which to tackle first – will dusting the shelves onto the floor simply result in the dust flying back into the air when you sweep? So is it best to sweep first – but then, where does all the dust from the shelves go? One way is to damp dust, which has the added advantage that you can add just a spot of disinfectant to the water which will not only get rid of lingering germs but will also give the place a nice smell. The other way is even simpler – get in touch with NECS and let our fully-trained staff get rid of all your winter grime for you.

Overwhelmed by cobwebs and other yucky bits?

In the winter it is easy to look the other way when cobwebs start to sag from the corners and piles of untended rubbish built-up in dark spaces. The mornings are dark. The evenings are dark. And very often, the bit in between is dark as well. But in the spring, the sun highlights all the grubby bits that you would rather forget and whether you need someone to de-clutter and really blitz an office space, or need a rather more precise service such as blinds cleaning or even having your grounds tidied up, it is so much easier to call in the professionals rather than ask your staff to step out of their usual roles and get down and dirty. Having the right tools for the job is key and NECS can come to your rescue and your cobweb ceiling swags will soon become a thing of the past.

If you’d like to chat with us about sprucing up your premises for just in time for spring, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0800 32 88 933.