Essential Spring Cleaning Tips for North East Businesses.

April 24, 2018 - Posted by Chris

With spring officially here, UK businesses can start thinking about the warmer days that lie ahead. With the recent run of poor weather, rain could be around the corner (again), leading to more dirty floors and wet carpets.

In order to get ready for the busy months that lie ahead and to make sure your premises are suitable for workers and clients, a thorough spring-clean can help kick-start your spring and revive your business’ appearance after a rough and vicious winter. To help make sure your business is ready to impress this spring, the team at NECS have put together some of our “top tips” for effective cleaning this spring.

Keep your floors clean.

After months of employees and clients dragging dirty slush and snow through the front door, at this time of year, your carpets and vinyl floors are begging to be cleaned if they’ve not been done already.

Give your desks a good clean.

Cold and flu season is just calming down, but for some companies, you might just be starting to see it appear causing the germ count to be at its peak in your office or working environment. So make sure you spring into the new season with a healthy team and grab some wipes and make sure office desks, shop counters or anything in between is kept clean and tidy.

Keep a clean kitchen.

The kitchen is the most important place in the workplace to keep clean for one main reason it's where food is eaten and prepared. This can include cleaning worktops, cutlery, and kitchen appliances like fridges microwaves and ovens if you have them. A quick once-over with an anti-bac wipe can do on some occasions, but its best to have a proper deep-clean and make sure your workers are safe from germs during their well-deserved lunch break.

Hire cleaning professionals.

If you require any assistance in the spring cleaning of your workplace, get in touch with the team here at NECS and let us know how we can help. We can provide you with a tailored cleaning plan and schedule to best meet your requirements all while offering a fair price.

At NECS, we will be sure to frequently maintain clean premises all while you not knowing we’re even there (apart from the difference when you walk in the next day). Get in touch with our team of professional commercial cleaners, and leave your spring cleaning to our experienced workers. Contact us today!