Prepare Your Premises for Winter

September 23, 2017 - Posted by Chris

Be Prepared This Winter

With Winter fast-approaching it's out with the air con' and in with the cosy warm fire! Perhaps you’ve already made the switch! In the UK, autumn inevitably leads to the falling of leaves, bitterly cold air, and, eventually, falling snow that can present challenges for commercial building owners and maintenance crews. Here are 3 areas that we consider are of the greatest importance when preparing for the change of seasons as it relates to preserving the appearance and cleanliness of your workplace and enhancing the working environment for your employees.

Get a Thorough Clean

When it comes to keeping employees well and productivity high, one of the simplest and most effective ways to keep workers healthy and productive is by maintaining a clean working environment throughout, eliminating the number of sick days taken by your workers. Get in contact with NECS and schedule a deep commercial cleaning from your local NECS cleaning team to make your entire office bug free.

Don’t Ignore Your Floors

Winter brings road salt, debris, snow and slush with it, which can easily become caught in shoes and boots and dragged through the front door resulting in a slippery and messy looking workplace. With water and grime soaking into and staining carpets causing permanent damage and increasing the chances of workplace accidents.

Our team of professional, experienced commercial cleaners can make sure to organise a tailored cleaning schedule out with you which includes, regular maintenance of your floors using, vacuuming,  mopping and much more.

Let There Be Light

Providing as much natural light to your employees as possible can be much appreciated and needed at this time of year. With many workers driving to work before the sun comes up and driving home after the sun has gone down, you’ll find it to be much appreciated to let as much natural light into your working environment as possible to boost workers moods and create a more motivated working environment.

At NECS, we will be sure to take away all of the troubles of maintaining clean premises this winter. Get in touch with our team of professional commercial cleaners, and leave your winter cleaning troubles to our experienced workers, so you can focus more time to work on what matters most. Contact us today!