NECS Christmas Greetings!

December 19, 2014 - Posted by Chris

In many ways, it is a shame Christmas comes in the middle of winter, when the twin situations of everyone being off work for the holidays and some of the most challenging weather conditions come together to create possible chaos! Fortunately for anyone who has a site of any size to manage, NECS has a variety of solutions to make the job easier when cold, wet and slippery conditions combine with smaller staff numbers.

Keeping safe in the ice and snow
Slips and falls are bad at any time of the year but no one wants an injury at Christmas. Keeping the ground well-gritted is a first step if the environment is mostly outside and NECS can provide a one stop solution including grit, labour and if necessary machinery to carry out the task. It is also vital to keep indoor floors dry and clean so that they are safe for staff and any visitors to the site. NECS can provide cleaning operatives to ensure this task is completed with a range of cleaning solutions from mops through to scrubbers. The scrubbers come in all sizes from small models propelled by hand to large ride on machines and it will be very easy to keep things safe and dry.

Looking good in the bleak midwinter
No matter how manicured and lovely your building’s surroundings look in high summer, it is easy for them to look a little down at heel and miserable in wintertime. NECS have a comprehensive grounds maintenance package which will ensure that everything is kept clean and tidy throughout the grey days of winter, with rubbish picked up and surfaces kept clear of slush and grit that can easily build up and be unsightly, as well as becoming a potential hazard. If grounds are kept looking their best throughout the winter months and particularly over the Christmas and New Year holidays which can stretch into several weeks, there will be no nasty surprises when the sun does eventually break through.

Spring cleaning comes early for some
If you have a business which is seasonal – Christmas trees, for example, or gift and decorations aimed specifically at the holiday period – you will want to get going as soon as the tinsel is taken down to spruce the place up ready for the next big thing. Using NECS and their large range of cleaning solutions will mean you are all sparkly and bright for spring, even though it is only January!

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