Meet Jim, our new Operations Manager

July 6, 2015 - Posted by Chris
NECS team

Jim (far left) and the NECS team.

NECS is pleased to announce a new member of staff, who joined us in April. Jim Farrell has come to us from working at management level in the security sector and, as a native of Liverpool, he will be working close to home in the North West. He is our new Operations Manager and he will be our go-to guy for any clients who need to have a chat about their changing needs or if any of our services need comment. Jim hasn’t worked in the cleaning industry before so it is a bit of a change for him, but NECS know that their family of clients will go out of their way to make him welcome.

Family values

Jim is a great family man and his hobbies and interests all centre around this and here at NECS that’s what we like to hear. Family commitment is high on our priority list and we have found over the years that people in our teams who care deeply about family care deeply about clients and delivery of top notch service as well. Jim isn’t keen on joining in the social media revolution – in fact, he isn’t on Facebook, Twitter or any other social networks – leaving it to the younger members of his family but he is more than happy to talk on the phone or by email; he is perfectly happy on computers, just doesn’t choose to use them for chat!

Aiming to be the best

Jim is a self-effacing sort of bloke, so it is hard to get him to talk about himself (see views on social media above!) but one thing that he is always keen to share is that he always aims to give the best service possible and always aims to make sure that he is amongst the best of his peers; there’s no slacking from Jim! Although he is new to the cleaning industry, he brings his twenty years plus experience in managing in prisons, courts and the security business with him to NECS. This is a very stressful sector in which to work, with split second decisions being constantly made to uphold the high standards to which everyone must aspire and although we hope that NECS won’t be quite so challenging, we are really happy to have Jim join us, with the very special skills he has honed.