Desk Organisation Hacks

August 31, 2016 - Posted by Chris

We’ll clean the rest!

We will clean every inch of your workspace here at NECS UK, however, we consider it protocol to leave your paperwork alone. We’re more than happy to clean under and around your items, but we’d hate for something important to go missing or be misplaced due to it being moved around by one of us… so we leave your paperwork well alone, exactly where you left it!

So, this one tiny task being left down to you, we thought we would offer up a few tips, tricks and life hacks to make your job a whole lot easier!

When it comes down to it, if your desk resembles a junk drawer, it’s going to be impossible to complete high-quality work in that environment.

Declutter your desk by organising into categories:

    • Papers
      Try and keep the number of papers piling up on your desk to a minimum. A good idea is to have a tiered drawer or labelled file holder, which you can organise this into ‘New’ and ‘To Do’. The New tier is where people can leave documents that they need you to take a look into. The ‘To Do’ tier is where you put the documents that you have received, read, and they now need actioning. Any other papers should be thrown away to remove as much clutter from your desk as possible.   
    • Personal items
      It’s always nice to have a personal item or two on your desk, to add a touch of personality and keep you motivated. If you’re going to keep photos on your desk, get a nice frame for them which will make your desk look a lot cleaner. Try not to let your desk pile up with your 5 favourite mugs; keep one, keep it clean and keep it away from elbows and keyboards!  
    • Tools
      Though you do need to de-clutter as much as possible, there are going to be items that you just need. Pens, scissors, staplers and diaries are necessities, but try and keep them all in one place. Keep a pot for your pens and a spot for your chunkier tools so you keep yourself organised, tidy and motivated!

Give each place a home:

By giving everything a designated spot, you’ll train yourself to naturally reach there for that certain item... All in the hope that you’ll begin to put them back here, too!

Give each place a home

Organise your desktop, too.

If you’re searching for more than 2 minutes for a certain document, image or PDF then it is definitely time for a sort out. Just like your desk, if your desktop is hectic you’ll struggle to be productive.
Organise your desktop