Not just a cleaning company

July 8, 2014 - Posted by Chris

Not just a cleaning company – a specialist cleaning company

It can be problematical keeping commercial premises clean – it’s costly to employ cleaners full time because much of their time on-site could be wasted but on the other hand, you need to keep things looking good for clients as well as being clean for hygiene reasons. This is where NECS comes in – we have many years of experience in cleaning all kinds of commercial properties and whether you want a regular clean or would prefer to call us in ad hoc, you won’t be disappointed because, as the title says, we are not just a cleaning company, we are a specialist cleaning company, so we know exactly what every kind of business and situation needs.

Food and drink outlets need very special treatment

A common mistake made by non-specialist cleaning companies is to treat restaurants, bars and bistros as if they are a home – although they share a lot of elements such as carpets, cooking facilities and toilets, they are very different and a typical ‘housewife’ clean, no matter how rigorous, is simply not enough. Care must be taken over what cleaning product is used where and most especially which cloths are used in which locations – kitchen work surfaces and bathrooms simply do not mix! All the NECS specialist teams have been trained in hygiene requirements for food preparation areas and all parts of the premises where food or drink is served to the public so the owners will know that not only will their premises look clean, they will also pass the most careful inspections.

Deep cleans can transform a property

If you are a landlord or have been having renovations, you may despair that things will ever be shipshape again. NECS are experts in builders’ cleans when sometimes there seems to be more rubble than floor. Our teams are also very proficient when it comes to deep cleaning, so if a property has been much neglected they don’t waste time just skimming the surface, they get right on down and make a difference. Most people would say that a property always looks better when the windows and the floors are clean and this is where NECS really comes into its own. Window cleaning goes without saying, but we also deep clean carpets and can strip and reseal as well as restoring both wood and vinyl flooring so it looks as good as new.

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