How To Choose The Right Commercial Cleaning Partner For Your Requirements

May 12, 2014 - Posted by Chris

How To Choose The Right Commercial Cleaning Partner For Your Requirements

If you run a commercial enterprise which needs regular cleaning, you need a commercial cleaning partner you can rely on. All too often a cleaning concern will start off really well but then the standards start to drop and it has sometimes become quite serious before anything is done about it – if you are in a business (such as food or pharmaceuticals) this can be too late and your business can suffer. NECS is a commercial cleaning provider you can trust because although we have grown over the past eight years, we are still a family run business, with the MD and HR Director overseeing all business transactions.

We go the extra mile

Our managers are paid a bonus on their annual turnover, which motivates them to treat the customers properly and always go the extra mile. We have learned that our staff like to feel that they are really linked to NECS and sharing financial success is only one way we achieve that – we encourage autonomy in their various branches as well as feedback to improve the company, so whatever region you are in, you will know you will be getting exemplary service.

The environment is important

We have been in a process of reviewing all of our systems recently and now are sure that only the most environmentally friendly products are used in all our jobs. That’s not the only way we care for the planet – all our company travel is route planned to ensure that we don’t expend a single drop of fuel unnecessarily and our cleaning methods are designed to use fuel and products as efficiently as possible.

Keeping up to date

NECS are always investing to keep up to date with quality management and also all health and safety regulations. Things change constantly and so it can be hard to keep up but NECS is committed to training all staff including the very important IPAF training for using high-level equipment and updates to training manuals. Our new products are significantly safer for staff and the environment but even so, everyone has undergone rigorous training in their use and can explain to others how to use everything in our new range. When you choose a cleaning company for your commercial premises, you want people who care as much as you do, so choose NECS.

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