Eco-Friendly Product Roll-Out In May

April 28, 2014 - Posted by Chris

We are proud to announce the rollout (to be completed by the end of May) of a whole new range of eco-friendly cleaning products, which we are confident will benefit our staff and our customers. It hasn’t been easy to find something which is effective in cleaning and sanitising and also is kinder to the environment, but we are now delighted to begin using a wide range of cleaning agents, developed for us by Biological Products of Cardiff.

Task-specific cleaning

What we found when testing products were that they were often not giving the same depth of clean that more traditional cleaners do and also that they tended to be more difficult to use, needing different dilution proportions for different jobs, for example. Our new products are very easy to use and, more importantly, are task-specific this means that anything that needs a little more TLC, such as decorative metal finishes, will be getting just the treatment they need, but in an eco-friendly way.

Health and safety

All of our new products have been rigorously tested, of course, and our staff will be fully trained in their use, but the great thing about using enzyme technology rather than caustic components is that they are intrinsically safer. Even so, all products will be fully labelled with health and safety advice for use and they also will clearly state, where required, what level of bacterial kill is achievable. Our clients are very welcome to share this information for their health and safety records – keeping a record of what is used in-house, even by contract staff is, we know, very important.

What our new products do

We have a range of new products, which will be coming on-stream gradually over the whole month of May, so our clients may soon start to smell the lovely freshness of our eco-products around the place! We really love the glass-cleaner, which is really quick to use, being a spray-on, wipe-off product which removes general dirt but also finger-marks and smudges. We have found, when testing, that this cleaner is also great on chrome, plastic, laminates and veneer, so we will be getting through a lot of this fantastic product! Our stainless steel cleaner is a brilliant, non-abrasive product, which again is simply sprayed on wipe off, and gets rid of grease in a flash. Our general purpose sanitiser is based on natural fermenting agents and kills bacteria to British Standards EN1276 and EN13697. Our staff are trained in how to use this product, depending on the level of soiling. Our odour control spray is something we particularly like – just sprayed on liberally it will remove (not simply mask) odours, being particularly good on urine-based smells. Our polish is suitable for a number of surfaces and will leave a gleam wherever it goes.

How does it work?

Biological cleaners use enzymes, which are naturally occurring. This means that when they are sprayed into the air or are rinsed into the drains and therefore into the water table, they cause no ill effects to wildlife or to people – when it comes to the environment, every little helps and now NECS are doing their bit.

Want to find out more about our new, eco-friendly cleaning products and cleaning services? Give us a call on 0800 328 8933.