NECS Use Eco-Friendly Office Cleaning Products

September 26, 2018 - Posted by Mark

We all know regular office cleaning is essential for the well-being of the office. But how many of us care for “safe” cleaning? Or let’s frame it this way-“how many of us know about safe cleaning?”. To be honest, a lot of us don’t. Safe office cleaning is not just about wiping the floor and windows- it’s also about what you are cleaning them with and this is why NECS is very proud to be one of the very few companies that have their own range of eco-friendly cleaning products.
To cut a long story short, regular cleaning agents are unsafe as they contain harmful chemicals and toxic substances. Thus, it’s being increasingly advised to switch to green cleaning products for the overall safety of your workplace, the people who work there and also our mother earth.
Here is a brief on why to use green cleaning products for your office.

Safety of workplace and employees

Do you know regular chemical-based cleaning agents release dangerous VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) in the ambient air? Yes, and these are incredibly harmful to health and could lead to more serious cardiac and respiratory issues. But at NECS our products are free from all such nasty chemicals and toxicity and hence assure safe, healthy indoor air for the whole premise.

Safe for the environment

Chemical-based cleaning agents not only cause air pollution but water pollution as well. The harmful toxic chemicals emitted by these cleaning agents may get mixed with water and eventually contaminate the water resources. And polluted water is fatal for marine and aquatic animals. But green cleaning agents are eco-friendly, and they reduce both air and water pollution big time. By reducing pollution, these eco-friendly agents help to combat the glaring issue of global warming- while at the same time assures safety for aquatic life as well.

Safe finishing

Do you know the toxic chemicals released from regular cleaning agents can peel off paint & stain the wooden varnish? Yes, that’s true. But the good news is, with green cleaning from NECS, you don’t have to worry about all such woes.
So, when are you switching to green cleaning with NECS for your office?