New Cleaning Mobile For NECS

July 15, 2016 - Posted by Chris

To the cleaning mobile, Robin!

It's an exciting time for us here at NECS, as we’ve just had a brand spanking sparkly new van added to our fleet – which is now the ninth of our collection!

The van will be going to our new North East supervisor Ian Hammond, to provide an additional Supervision resource. This is great news for us, as it means we’re able to provide you with an even better level of care and attention dedicated than the superior cleaning service we strive for currently, as it releases an existing vehicle to be deployed to a new Yorkshire supervisor, who will report to Darren.

Darren Street, our wonderful existing Manchester Area manager is moving further up the ranks, looking after Yorkshire as well as the North East with 3 supervisors reporting to him.

NECS started out very small, initially as purely a North East cleaning service, but we’ve really built this from the ground up, expanding further and further afield to offer our services to a broader client base. We now boast offices in the North East, North West, the Midlands, Yorkshire and Edinburgh & Glasgow. We have definitely surpassed our own initial expectations, but we have no plans of stopping now and chomping at the bit at the prospect of expanding further.

You might be thinking: it’s just another van, why is this so exciting? Well, yes – technically it’s just a vehicle, but it opens up so many opportunities for us as a company and yourselves as clients.

For us, this means that we’re able to travel further afield and more often to different locations to conduct audits, we can provide more training and we can hold more interviews and recruit more quality staff… For you, this means we can give you an even better service: faster, more efficient and (if possible!) even better results for your:


  • Office Cleaning
    Let us keep the office clean and tidy for you so you can really get down to business without worrying about having to tidy up after yourself at the end of the day.
  • Commercial Cleaning
    We know how important hygiene is in hospitals and doctors surgeries, and this is one of our main priorities. Take that stress away and let us do a thorough job for you.
  • Contract Cleaning
    Contract cleaning can benefit you as you need not bother with the hassle of in-house organisation, holiday or sickness cover or pay as we’ll always have someone to come and complete a full job for you, whilst removing those stresses from your shoulders.
  • Specialist Cleaning
    We’re happy to go above and beyond to meet your needs. Kitchen cleans? You can count on us. Deep cleans, give us a call! Window cleaning, we’re your guys.
  • Facilities Management
    We know that in business organisation is key. We’re happy to work around this for you improve your operational efficiency. Let us help you save time by freeing yourself from tasks such as washroom services, feminine hygiene, grounds maintenance (and basically anything you need – just let us know!)