Office Cleaning Edinburgh

Over the many years that we have been in business, we have been able to expand our knowledge of the services we provide. We opened our very first office back in 2006, and have been expanding ever since. We now provide office cleaning in Edinburgh, Scotland and other areas throughout the UK, to a variety of different sized businesses.

Throughout this time we have also gathered some fantastic testimonials from our friendly clients, which you can see here. At NECS we believe cleaning is all about providing freshness, and we not only do so through the impeccable standards of our commercial cleaning services but also through our mindset as a young and hungry business striving to expand even more than we already have.

General Office Cleaning in Edinburgh

At NECS, we ensure that we provide only the highest standard of cleaning. Our thorough team of dedicated cleaners will work tirelessly to ensure that your office is spotless from top to bottom.

Kitchen Clean

Nobody wants to eat or prepare food in a dirty kitchen. Microwave spillages and stained cups can be stomach-churning for some people. Our cleaners will happily scrub your kitchen until it is a sanitary place to enjoy your lunch break!

Bathroom Clean

No one wants a trip to a grimy, smelly bathroom, but it’s unhealthy to avoid a quick trip throughout the day. So whether your organisation has hundreds of toilet blocks and bathrooms or a small office with a men’s room and a ladies’ room, our cleaners will leave your toilets gleaming and smelling fresh!

Waste Removal

Overflowing bins with banana peels, wrappers and leftover sandwiches do not only smell bad but is unsightly and unprofessional! We can regularly empty your office bins to make sure your work environment smells clean and fresh for both employees and visitors.

Desk Clean

We can even clean your desk for you, making your entire office a pleasure to work in. We’ll remove grubby fingerprints from your monitors, computer mice and phones, making your screens sparkle and shine… a tidy desk is a tidy mind! We won’t remove any documents or notes as we know what may look like a quick scribble to one person, maybe a very important reminder to the next!

If you require regular cleaning services in your office or workplace and want to save time and money, then NECS have got it covered! Our cleaning and facilities management services are available to businesses of all sizes throughout Scotland and the surrounding areas.

Find out how our Scotland office cleaners can help you by getting in touch on 0191 250 3500 or emailing us at