Office Cleaning Birmingham

We opened our very first office back in 2006, but we’ve definitely expanded since.

We now provide office cleaning in Birmingham and the surrounding areas, to businesses varying in size and staff count.

We have over 10 years experience now, so over the years we’ve figured out perfect bespoke plans for each client we work with. Often, businesses try to manage multiple companies for different janitorial tasks, which we know can be difficult and time-consuming. That’s why here at NECS it’s our main goal to help you manage your time in the most efficient way and to offer your company the best services possible.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and is something that we strive to maintain, which is demonstrated in our testimonials. As well as keeping your workplace clean we also work with clients’ happiness in mind in regards to the services that we provide. With that being said – our team of office cleaners Birmingham strive to go above and beyond when working with all of our clients.

Our Daily Office Cleaning Services

General Office Cleaning Birmingham:

We perform all of the typical every day cleaning tasks. From dusting and hoovering to the usual spraying and polishing, to make sure that you have a clean and comfortable working environment.

Kitchen Cleaning Birmingham:

The office kitchen is notoriously difficult to keep clean, especially with multiple staff members making messes as they please. It’s our mission to make sure that everything from grubby and greasy tables to stained mugs or dirty cutlery is cleaned efficiently and effectively so everyone can enjoy a clean lunch break.

Bathroom Cleaning Birmingham:

Our team is here to make sure that your office's toilet facilities are clean, and fresh-smelling, ensuring pleasant and odour-free facilities for your staff no matter how big or small.

Waste removal Birmingham:

The office bin should be emptied on a set schedule to avoid any offensive smells taking over the office. Unfortunately, not all offices staff members in the world remember to take the bin out when it starts getting too full. Fortunately, the NECS team can handle this for you and make sure your office environment always smells fresh.

Desk Cleaning:

Our team will make sure that all office equipment, from phones to monitors and displays are cleaned and grease and grubby fingerprint free while ensuring that all documents and notes are where you left them.

We are aware that having a fresh and tidy place to work is one of the main keys to a motivated workforce and happy visitors, so because of this, we have developed bespoke solutions to meet any workplaces needs and how we can best provide this for them. By working with many different clients from many different sectors in our office cleaning Birmingham team, we have been able to improve our understanding over the years of what different types services a business requires compared to others.

Not only do we provide office cleaning Birmingham, we also cover the surrounding areas such as Coventry, Telford, Worcester, Cannock, Burton upon Trent, Derby, etc.

Find out how our Birmingham office cleaners can help you by getting in touch on 0800 328 8933 or emailing us at

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