Our Management Style

The strength of our belief in the value of high-quality management goes above and beyond that of other companies. How you may ask: well, at NECS we provide all of our Regional and Area Managers as well as our Supervisors with a financial stake in the day-to-day operations of the company. This financial stake is based upon the attainment of customer satisfaction and customer retention, after all, we operate in the professional commercial and contract cleaning services industry where customer relationships are paramount.

Customer retention is the factor that affects the bonuses of each of our Managers. Consequently, we operate a business model where our Managers are inspired to go the extra mile in servicing our clients’ long-term interests. At NECS we can promise to deliver the best contract cleaning, commercial cleaning and facilities management services in Scotland, the North of England, across the Midlands and through London and the South because we have set our business up in such a way that this can be achieved.

Our management team has a vested interest in satisfying customers, so you can believe that they will do their utmost to ensure that your needs are being met. Additionally, we encourage a culture of Respect and Encouragement from our Supervisors and Managers in their approach to our cleaning operatives. After all, it is them that we rely on to deliver the high-quality standards our clients have come to expect from NECS.